Akai Professional MPC Live II Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Black Friday looms on the horizon, sparking fervor among music producers anticipating the upcoming discounts. One particular gem stands out: the Akai Professional MPC Live II. This device has swiftly captured the hearts of producers due to its potent performance capabilities and its knack for streamlining the music creation process. As the countdown to Black Friday continues, music aficionados worldwide are brimming with anticipation, eager for the opportunity to acquire the MPC Live II at a fraction of its regular cost.

Whether you’re an aspiring novice embarking on your musical journey or a seasoned virtuoso in search of cutting-edge tools, the Akai Professional MPC Live II stands as an indispensable asset for those truly dedicated to their craft. Rest assured, this Black Friday presents an unmissable occasion to secure your very own MPC Live II, propelling your music production endeavors to unprecedented heights.

akai mpc live 2 black friday

About AKAI Professional MPC Live 2:

The AKAI Professional MPC Live II stands as the ideal solution for DJs and producers seeking a versatile, compact, and reliable controller. Widely embraced since its initial release, the latest iteration of the famed MPC Live series has captivated DJs and producers alike. Boasting an array of valuable features—MIDI, USB, Bluetooth, and more—this portable controller transcends expectations, also doubling as an exceptional music production tool. Don’t miss out on the Akai MPC One Black Friday Deal.


The MPC Live II emerges as a highly portable controller, featuring two USB ports and a MIDI port. Whether utilized as a standalone device to govern preferred software or harnessed as a wireless remote for hardware manipulation, this controller seamlessly adapts. Link it to your computer through USB or Bluetooth, and access the AKAI Pro Tools software to enhance your creative potential.

Superior Audio Quality:

With a robust 16-bit sound engine, the MPC Live II ensures exceptional audio quality. Its touch screen boasts upgraded capabilities, now even supporting gesture control. Furthermore, its impeccable battery life enhances its appeal, while lightning-fast connection speeds add to its allure.

Unleash Your Inner DJ:

Experience the versatility of the MPC Live II as a portable DJ controller, replete with a comprehensive suite of DJ features. Offering USB, MIDI, and Bluetooth connectivity, this controller caters to a diverse range of DJing needs.

Final Words:

The MPC Live II emerges as a formidable workhorse, dedicated to producing high-quality tracks with a professional sound. Anchored by an expansive sound library, an intuitive workflow, and an affordable price point, the MPC Live II stands as an indispensable asset for aspiring music producers.

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