AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Are you looking for AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for AcuRite Weather Station’s Cyber Monday & Amazon Prime Day new sales and discounts.

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AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday Deals 2021

An Accurate temperature sensor or weather system upgraded from a primary sensor would tell you indoor and outdoor temperatures. I wanted something to go a little bit more in-depth.

AcuRite Weather Station Black Friday


It’s been very accurate to go through some of the features here that I like up here might be a little bit hard. Still, it’s an outdoor sensor signal screen, and what I like about that is if you’re moving it around to different locations. You’re supposed to keep the sensor on the north side of a house outside of the sun to get the most accurate readings.


I would say 50 feet from the unit and one wall between, so it’s pretty good that it’s getting full reception there, so that’s one thing I like. I also like that there’s a button on the top to select the different brightness modes for the screen. I’ve got it set to auto-dim, so it just does it on its own based on the ambient lighting and go through here we’ve got outdoor temperature outdoor humidity, and then it’s got the highs and lows for each. I like that it automatically resets itself every night at midnight so you can take a quick look and see what it’s done over the 24 hours it also has a series of buttons on the back of the unit.


You can cycle through the different options and settings and stuff. You can check the highs and lows for the entire life of the unit. Still, I like that it shows, you know, just the last 24 hours. So that’s something you get with this that you don’t always get with one of the cheaper devices in the middle part is the forecast. When you first plug it in, there’s going to be a little thing that appears on the screen that says 14-day learning mode and basically


To take all the readings for the temperature-humidity pressure for 14 days before. It’s going to consider this forecast 100 accurate, so it shows the strain. Then it shows different icons depending on what the weather forecast is and it has been genuine. It is cloudy out, and it’s been cloudy all day.

It shows clouds, and it showed that since last night yesterday, we had blizzard-like conditions, and this forecasted that I would say about 12 hours in advance. It also showed the wind, the snow & everything. It also shows the moon phases and indoor temperature, highs and lows indoor humidity, and the high and low moisture.

AcuRite black friday deals

Why pick AcuRite Weather Station on Black Friday?

I wouldn’t say I like it, and I’ll see if I can pick this up on camera right now. The contrast looks good if I drop the camera down, so if you sit at eye level, that’s going to pick it up.

Still, the contrast kind of fades, and the lower you get, the worse it is, so if I tilt this back, you can see everything almost disappears.

So it’s just something to keep in mind with where your placement will be for this unit that you want it somewhere we’re looking down at it and not up at it, so something good to keep in mind another thing. I like and don’t like that if you lose power or unplug this unit, it needs to go through the 14-day learning period again.

Final Verdict

I’ve done I don’t want it to have to go through that learning period again, so I went ahead and did that, but I would say very happy the only downside. I say that the contrast is a little bit off, so if you’re going to put it up somewhere high. I caution you to look for another unit or put it down somewhere lower to the ground where you’re looking down at it but overall very happy.

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