Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Active Aqua AACH50HP Water Chiller Cooling System Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.


Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday Deals 2020

This article shows you the new Active Aqua AACH50HP quarter horsepower chiller. I just tested it out in my kitchen here before I hook everything up to my reef tank. Everything works, which is always a good thing, I think, when I was researching it. I wanted to make this hopefully give a little more detail of what people want to see about it. It is a big unit; this is the first chiller I’ve ow

Active Aqua AACH50HP Black Friday


So I wasn’t expecting it to be so bulky it’s not going inside my tank stand. It’ll go right next to it, which is what they recommend? Anyways, so front to back, it’s about 17 inches, and twelve inches wide and about sixteen and a half inches tall plus your fittings are going to add at least another four and a half five inches. You have your control panel easy. You just basically hold down the sub button for five seconds. It’ll beep and then you can program whatever temperature you want down to 39 degrees real easy.



The cool thing about this unit is that when it loses power when the power gets cut off, it will remember the last temperature setting you put in, which is excellent. I’m going to hook it up to my Apex so that it will turn on and off a couple of times a day, and I won’t have to reprogram it every time.

Aqua AACH50HP black Friday

Why pick Active Aqua AACH50HP on Black Friday?

I’m also going to hook up this pump to my Apex to have that cycle several times throughout the day to make sure the water doesn’t get stagnant and that was recommended to me on the apex forums, a good idea. Hence, you have your front here, and you have your sides, and there are two of these little panels on each side that come off. It has a bit screen air filter there, so you don’t get hair and dust and stuff inside the cooling components. This whole front panel comes off and again, big screen there you have all your details in here you’ve got your fan and radiator in the back this big black thing is the compressor.

Final Verdict

I’m going to guess and this the thing I don’t even know what the name for that is but that is where the water goes to get cooled down so it’s elementary it’s not a whole lot of stuff in there there’s such a big package, but I guess they do that for airflow, and then this snaps right back in like that, and there’s also a screw, but I took it out to make it easier to show you guys, so that’s it once I get it hooked up.

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