Acer R240HY Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Acer R240HY Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Acer R240HY Cyber Monday’s IPS Monitor new sales and discounts.

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Acer R240HY Black Friday Deals 2021

If you want maximum performance maximum features for the lowest possible price while still getting an incredible-looking monitor. You have definitely come to the right place this is an Acer 24 inch desktop computer monitor. I bought it in so should you if you want one of the best deals in a 24-inch desktop computer monitor today now first things first let me run through its features and talk about why this is such a good deal because there are many many different 24 inch monitors on the market one of the questions you might be asking is why wouldn’t. Check Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Black Friday Sales.

Acer R240HY Black Friday

I consider any of the others well you could there are other excellent monitors it’s the combination of features and price that put this at the top of the list in my opinion first of all did. So it’s a great price it’s a 1080p monitor 1080p is about the right resolution for this size there are higher and lower resolutions. If you go lower it becomes more pixelated and blocky if you go higher it requires an expensive computer to drive it and at this screen size, you generally won’t see as much detail as the resolution gets higher than 1080p.


It’s an IPS screen what is IPS stand for in-plane switching in-plane switching is the actual display technology on the screen the alternative is a technology called TN TN panels have worst color reproduction worst viewing angles and don’t cost that much less you can find those for about less than this but you give up so much to get. Now, this monitor has a 4 millisecond response time there are monitors with lower response times and if you are a competitive Counter-Strike global Offensive Player and you want 300 frames per second this monitor is not for you but for everyone else which represents probably 99% of the desktop PC market 4 milliseconds is actually really good.

If you’re playing online games and you’re worried about the response time let me offer you this thought the tick rate or the update rate of online game servers generally doesn’t exceed about 60 Hertz overwatch is a good example the server tick rate is 63 Hertz that works out to 16 milliseconds per update. The server sends out no matter how fast your monitor response time maybe it’s worth considering that if the game server only sends you enemy positions every 16 milliseconds.

Acer R240HY Design

The computer can’t actually draw anything faster in terms of changing enemy positions any faster than that because it isn’t getting updates any faster than every 16 milliseconds 4 milliseconds is far faster than any online game updates the only way to get a faster update rate is with local land play such as competitive gaming events if you go to for example a league of Legends tournament the reality is that is a very small number of people that applies to for everyone else gaming in nongaming this is an excellent screen moving on to inputs we have 3 inputs on the back of this screen we have an HDMI a DVI and a VGA most people will use the HDMI input but if you only have a DVI or VGA this monitor has got you covered the only downside here is the monitor only comes with a VGA cable Acer this is your latest greatest version of the monitor where’s the HDMI cable it does not come with an HDMI cable.


There really is on this screen but if you are interested in multiple monitors and you want to put two side-by-side you will have very little bezel between the two now for gaming generally you need three monitors because the center of whatever’s on your game your HUD your heads-up display is generally going to be in the center so for gaming on multiple monitors you’d buy three of them and you’d want a fairly decent graphics card in order to run that, however, don’t discount two monitors with two monitors side by side you can put your game on one screen and you can use the other four windows watching youtube videos for example or just browsing the web watching Netflix or something else for nongaming uses multiple monitors are tremendously useful productivity tools. I use multiple monitors for that all the time now that deserves its own video but all I’ll say is that if you’ve never used Windows with more than one monitor you might not know what you’re missing because the ability to have a webpage up on one screen and a document or something else. You’re working on on the other is a wonderful tool to have and at buying two of these won’t break the bank for a lot of people now when it comes to the stand the screen is sitting on it does have a tilt feature it does tilt five degrees forward and it tilts 15 degrees back.

I’ll show you in a minute when I turn the lights down to get less of a reflection on the screen any light you’re seeing on the top of the screen is due to my studio lighting which is just simply creating an image. I’m going to turn that down which will make me dimmer in a second but it’ll make the screen look a little better.

Acer R240HY Cyber Monday Sale

It does not have a pivot or a swivel base it’s simply on a fixed base here you can of course move it manually side to side and you can see the light reflection from my shooting area as I move it back and forth on that dark image but it does tilt five degrees forward and it does tilt back effect you see a lot of the reflection it is a matte finish screen it is not glossy. If it was glossy you would actually see a mirror image finish of my lights which are just on the other side of the camera over there but since you, all you see is a bit of fuzz there as I’m a fuzzy light it is a matte finish and so it doesn’t show reflections as strong as if it was a glossy screen which is almost a mirror-like surface if you have any light sources behind that would affect your screen you definitely want a matte image and here we are with the studio lighting off yes this is the first time.

Acer R240HY Cyber Monday

I’ve ever done this I know I look a bit funny look at the screen not be the only light that’s on in the room at the moment is actually the main overhead room light all of my studio lightings has been turned off you can even see the glow coming into the window behind the sheet back there now let me show you how beautiful the screen really looks as I tilt it back watch the viewing angle let me tilt it forward you can see as the scene changes that’s all the way 15 degrees back no light reflection that was all studio lighting that was reflecting. So I have to turn the lights off so that you can see what this really looks like I’ll turn it left to right here in a second look how gorgeous that is as we turn left to right look at how the brightness stays that is an extensive 45-degree angle to the camera go a little further look how beautiful that remains you can still basically see the same engine image and that is the IPS screen at work. I’ll go all the way back the other way now my computer monitor over there is on you might actually get some reflection off of that but look at that that is a gorgeous screen absolutely gorgeous.

Final Verdict

I’ve turned the lights back on so you can see me but it really is an absolutely gorgeous display and I recommend it without any reservations whatsoever it does have a three-year warranty it does not come with an HDMI cable as I said before you will have to add that if you don’t have one but that’s really the only negative. I would say towards it that really should include one putting the HDMI cable aside it takes two minutes to assemble the basis in two pieces the stand piece here snaps into the bottom of it and then the base screws onto the stand it literally takes two minutes to put this together it weighs six pounds very lightweight easy to move around.

I really have nothing but positive things to say about it the price is great the quality is great the weight is great the frameless design the four millisecond response time three-year warranty Acer hit it out of the park. An HDMI cable links to all of my monitor reviews will be down there and links to my Patreon will be down there do you like this video is this useful informative and helpful do you like me bringing to you reviews how-to guides build guides computer game reviews graphics card reviews then please consider supporting my channel on Patreon I buy most of what our review not everything.

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