Acer Nitro 5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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Acer Nitro 5 Black Friday 2020 Deals

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The Acer nitro v is here. A great idea to get you started in gaming now when you’re looking at this design seems like last year’s model, but they’ve made a few changes that are quite important first the chassis itself is thinner.

It’s not as thick; it’s also lighter, making it easier to carry around. The next big thing is the design. It’s a little bit more cleaner, just a black lid with small striations going vertically the nitro logos still on the bottom. They’re sticking to that red and black design the port situation.

acer nitro 5 black friday

They’ve changed that as well the port lineup is a little bit different you are getting your Kensington lock like you did last year rj45 that’s new HDMI USB type-c it’s not Thunderbolt 3. two USB 3.0 ports. Then on the right side, you have a power connector, and of course USB 2.0 and a headphone jack, they didn’t have this before, so they’re allowing airflow to push. Check out Acer Predator Helios 300 black Friday deals.


This laptop is a little bit better than they did the previous year. The other thing to note is the bezels on this display. They’ve thinned them out. This was a lot thicker in the previous model. Still, it looks a lot cleaner now the laptop itself is a bit more compact the next big thing is getting into the laptop at the previous model you had these little ports that you just took off. You can like swap out the hard drive or the ram now, you have to remove the entire screws from the bottom of the lid.


I prefer this because there are quite a few things you can swap out or upgrade inside of here you have a full size 2.5 hard drive space you can either leave the 2.5 drive or buy a 2.5-inch SSD the big thing.

This year is instead of one empty slot you get two so this unit can have a potential of three drives for all of your store the next thing is the battery size this is a tiny battery 57 watt-hours, and I’ll be honest with you if the Nvidia Optimus is not disabled your battery life is going to be like an hour and a half to two hours tops.

If you enable Optimus, which is prevalent on this laptop, you can get some pretty decent battery life. I’m talking about four maybe 1/2 hours of use before needing to charge now you do have a wi-fi card.


This is a 95 60s you’re going to get some good wi-fi speeds this is two slots for a ram this is a gigabyte my suggestion if you do get the critical, good bite models to go out and buy another 8-gigabyte stick to make this dual-channel memory.

You’ll notice a slight performance increase; the display is not the best. It’s the same one as they put in the previous model would have loved to see them go up to at least 120 hertz. It’s still 60 color accuracy is not good enough to do design work on it, but it’s more than adequate for gaming like contrast levels were right in the screen got bright enough.


It’s still a lousy webcam; it’s not the best for videoconferencing, but I mean, as I said, every gaming laptop that I’ve tested doesn’t have a good webcam, so sound is coming out of 22-watt speakers on the bottom of the computer.


They do get quite loud but not enough to like really impress you because they’re facing the bottom they fire off the desk. They give you a tinny experience there’s no distortion, so that’s always good now for a budget laptop. The performance is quite good. They’ve improved it in a few ways it’s faster because these in the latest specs 9th gen and the gtx 1650 surprised me it performs quite well.

I’m seeing a 15 to 20 percent performance boost compared to last year’s 1050 ti. This means you can game on this comfortably at high settings most of the time older games like overwatch, fortnight you came and jump up to epic or ultra without any issues.

acer nitro 5 black friday deals

Why pick Acer Nitro 5 on Black Friday?

Only some of the newer demanding titles you’re going to have to drop it down to medium to play it comfortably heat management is exciting because of the CPU and GPU share. The same space the same fans the same heat pipes when both are going at the same time it gets quite hot 91 to 94 degrees Celsius when I’m gaming, and this is with max fans on this is with cool boost technology it doesn’t make a difference it stays fairly hot the only time.

I could get it to be quite cool is when you just run either the CPU by itself at max or the GPU by itself at max because they’re sharing the same space it’s hard for this laptop to keep it cool all they had to do was separate the CPU and GPU on opposite ends. I think thermally you’d see improvements fan noises when this thing is on idle is actually pretty good you don’t hear.

Final Verdict

Other gaming laptops’ keyboard is very familiar to last year’s model. It’s quite mushy. Still, you do have a reasonable travel distance numeric keypad has been jammed in, but at least you have one if you need to crunch some numbers touchpad it’s a right size nice and big. Still, it’s not the most accurate touchpad because it’s not made out of glass, but it is using windows drivers, so here are my closing thoughts the Acer Nitro 5 is a nice improvement from the previous model.

I kind of wish they went with the 144-hertz display. They kept the sd card slot, but in the end, you get a lighter laptop a chassis that allows more upgrades you get the new drive and you have new reports to work with but you do lose out on the sd card slot thermally it’s actually better than last year’s model even though it does get a little bit hot if you’re familiar with under volting that could help alleviate that issue anyways this wraps up my review of the nitro 5.

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