A2 Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

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Are you thinking of hosting your website with A2 Hosting? Let me tell you what you can expect from this US-based hosting provider. I’ve taken a closer look at its main pros and cons, performance and support, so let me help you figure out if A2 Hosting is a good match for your project.

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Where we help you find the right hosting provider for your website. A2 Hosting has been around for quite a bit now, it started back in 2001 in Michigan. Since then, it’s grown a lot and has in fact become one of the most popular hosting providers. Let’s find out more! In this review, I’ll be checking out A2 Hosting’s shared hosting. Be aware that there are also other hosting products like VPS or dedicated hosting. It even offers Windows-based hosting.

A2 Hosting Black Friday

Hosting Plan:

There are 4 shared hosting plans. With the Startup tier you are allowed to have 1 website and up to 100 GB of storage. But no automatic backups included.

The Drive plan will let you have unlimited sites and storage. On top of that it comes with automatic backups and twice as much resources.

The Turbo Boost package is about speed. Your sites will be hosted on higher performing servers with advanced caching options and extra CDN features.

Finally, Turbo Max has even more resources than Turbo Boost. A2 Hosting has monthly, 12, 24 and 36-month deals, the longer the contract the cheaper it gets. The A2 Hosting backend isn’t the most modern-looking, but generally speaking, I find it OK. Perhaps they show a little too much information, a more minimalistic approach probably wouldn’t hurt. But as I said, using it is not too difficult as it is intuitive and logically structured.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

With A2 Hosting you’ll be able to add other users to give them access and assign them roles. The system is easy enough to use, but I’ve seen some competitors with smarter approaches, for example, SiteGround and DreamHost. A2 Hosting uses cPanel as the visual interface to manage your hosting settings. Click here to access it. If you’ve had a hosting account before, this interface probably looks familiar as many providers use cPanel. But allow me to show you a couple of functions.


Let’s start by installing a CMS. Like most other providers it comes with One-Click installation scripts. These make installing apps like WordPress or Joomla easy as, for example, you don’t need to manually create databases. Let’s click here to install WordPress. Simply choose the installation domain and directory, set up the admin WordPress user, password and email and you are good to go. In a couple of minutes, your new WordPress site will be ready. The entry-level plan only comes with the cPanel backup features, which are quite basic and you’ll need to manually create and download your backups. If you have any of the other plans, A2 Hosting will automatically create daily backups of your site, meaning you’ll have several backups available. Also check Cloudways Black Friday Deals.


I’d like to touch on several security features A2 Hosting has:

Free SSL:

As mentioned earlier, all its plans come with SSL certificates you’ll be able to create in 2 clicks at no extra cost. A2 Hosting offers the latest PHP version, all the way up to PHP 7.4. This will make your site more secure. Remote encrypted logins are also possible using SSH with A2 Hosting.

Two Factor Authentication:

Additionally, there’s also the possibility to have Two-Factor Authentication enabled for your A2 Hosting account. This will make your account more secure as you’ll need your smartphone to log in.We regularly test the hosting providers we review, that’s why we have a pretty clear idea of their performance.

Better Uptime:

The uptime measures the interruptions of the server, in other words, how often your website goes offline. And I have to say that I’d like to see better results from A2 Hosting. At times, those can be below 99.95%, which isn’t great for professional websites. A2 Hosting has an uptime commitment of 99.90%, but this is actually quite low if your business depends on your website, you should aim for 99.95% or higher. The speed, however, is a different story.

Best Hosting Ever:

A2 Hosting was one of the fastest providers we tested, in fact, A2 topped our ranking, closely followed by SiteGround and DreamHost. If speed is important to you, be aware that the TURBO plans come with a higher-performing server, advanced caching options and enhanced CDN integration. The fact that they use the latest PHP version and SSD drives also positively impact the speed.

A2 Hosting Cyber Monday Deals 2021

An additional perk is that it has data centers all over the planet: specifically in the US, Europe and Singapore. If you run into any issues, you’ll be able to reach out to A2 Hosting support center via chat, phone or its ticket system. In my experience, the support agents were friendly and helpful, but at times I had to wait a bit for a free agent.

a2 cyber monday hostin deals

Final Verdict:

The A2 Hosting knowledge base answered most of the questions I had, though I wish it was more detailed. So that’s everything! But let me summarize the main Pros & Cons: On the bright side: the speed is very good, the backend is easy to follow, it comes with windows-based hosting if needed and it has unlimited storage and traffic. However, there are a couple of things that aren’t that good: the backend looks outdated, the uptime needs to improve and the shared hosting is limited to 35 concurrent connections. I hope you’ve found this A2 Hosting review useful and feel better equipped to make a decision. Please leave a comment if you have any unanswered questions.

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